Crafteke is here to craft extraordinary, engaging, and impactful digital experiences for every tech enthusiast out there. we can’t wait to hear about your tech needs!

We handcraft interactive and soulful experiences that bridge the real and the virtual. Our approach is to meticulously chisel each pixel and line of code, transforming reality into something magical. Our expertise is diverse, encompassing the creation of interactive experiences, IoT, AR/VR, advanced data synthesis, machine learning, and custom electronics. Whether it’s about creating enchanting graphics, engaging video games, or pioneering IoT solutions, we are committed to bringing your vision to life in the most extraordinary way.

Our projects are as diverse and rich as a Belgian beer sampler. We’re equally adept at designing a charming digital art app that brings a smile to your grandma’s face and engineering robust B2B services that power corporations.

Crafteke, nestled in the vibrant heart of Brussels, where we fuse the spirit of local craftsmanship with the frontier of digital technology! Our name, ‘Crafteke’, is a playful blend of ‘craft’ and ‘eke’, inspired by the Bruxellois term ‘Manneke’, linked to the iconic Manneken Pis statue.

Think of us as Brussels’ own digital artisans. Whether your project is low-tech, like a garage tinkering, or high-tech, with ambitions as high as Mars, we’re excited to discuss your tech needs.

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Dreaming up a tech project? We’re here to bring it to life! At Crafteke, we craft digital solutions with a creative twist. Whether it’s game-changing apps or cutting-edge tech, we’re ready to dive in.

Don’t wait – reach out and let’s start this tech adventure together!